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Pro Tan®

Quick Bronze® Dark Brown Performance Gel

Design Details

For that dark, healthy, rich tan in seconds use Quick Bronze®. Exclusive waterproof, non-streak product formulated with rich moisturizers guarantees an extra smooth, easy application with just one use. This product is designed to be used before competition, showcase or performance. No oil needed with this product, as it already contains a soft sheen that looks perfect!

Product Directions 

Use latex gloves. Scoop a small amount into palms, massage a thin layer over legs, back and arms just prior to competition. Be sure not to get any on your costume, best for use on legs. Color does not dry so be sure not to put on clothing or rub off. For best results apply directly over Pro Tan® Competition Color.

Helpful Tips

  • Use over our Pro Tan® Competition Color
  • Use light pressure to rub in product for darker color
  • Do not use any oil with this product, already contains sheen
  • Wipe off after use with a paper towel or cotton cloth

Product Highlights

  • Delivers a deep dark tan in seconds.
  • Can be used in conjunction with Pro Tan® Competition Color
  • Soft sheen that the judges prefer
  • Wipes off with a towel after use
  • Contains rich moisturizers

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